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IELTS: International English Language Testing Systems

Many languages are spoken across the globe. English stands in the third position in the world’s most spoken languages. There are over 400 million native English speakers; it’s a second language for over 700 million people. English is an official language in 67 countries.

In academic settings, English is the language of instruction in both native and non-native English-speaking countries. Instruction is also offered in other languages but English holds a strong place owing to its popularity. Most business communications happen in English across industries.

People migrate to places for study and work; communication is one tool for acquiring knowledge and making business ties. For non-native English speakers, it’s mandatory to know a certain level of English for better communication with Native English Speakers. One should have good hands in listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

To measure the level of English of Native English Speakers there held many English Proficiency tests. The IELTS is one such test to measure the English proficiency of non-English speakers.

The IELTS: International English Language Testing Systems is a standardized test jointly offered by British Council, IDP, IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English. Academic institutions and employers from countries where English is the first language look for your IELTS Score to measure whether you will be able to study/work in an English setting.

Academic institutions across Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc accept IELTS scores. In the United States, there are more than 3000 academic institutions that accept IELTS scores as a measure of English proficiency. The IELTS Score is also accepted in institutions outside of non-native English-speaking countries where English is the language of classroom instructions and examinations.

The IELTS Score is a qualification to write an application for study and work. The test score does not guarantee you a place but Admission Officer / Hiring Manager looks for it to measure your English proficiency. A higher IELTS Score increases the chances of your application getting shortlisted among many others that have only reached the basic score.

This is a standardized test for all non-native English speakers and is offered in over 140 countries. 

The IELTS is offered in THREE formats

  1. IELTS Academic
  2. IELTS General Training

The IELTS Score is valid for a period of two years.

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