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Discover How IELTS Can Help You Succeed

We give extensive preparation resources to help you improve your abilities, and we blend technology with human-based assessment to deliver the finest exam conditions imaginable. IELTS, which is respected and recognised all around the world, prepares you for real-life success.

4Skills Developers IELTS coaching is the best service provider in north Bangalore. Get customized lesson plans based on your strengths and weaknesses.

IELTS is the world's most popular English test for job, study, and migration, and we're here to help you reach your goals.

IELTS Coaching Classes

Computer-delivered IELTS: Fast and flexible

4Skills Developers IELTS makes use of the most advanced technology available by offering computer-delivered Reading, Listening, and Writing assessments. With up to three test sessions accessible every day, seven days a week, this method provides you with faster results as well as greater convenience and flexibility than traditional paper-based assessments.

Real help for the real world

Our approach to real-world assessment serves to prepare you for life after the test. We provide genuine help from actual people to ensure your success on the day, and we collaborate to improve your language abilities. IELTS unlocks your desire, whether it’s for school, a profession, or migration.


Face-to-face Speaking tests to put you at ease

When it comes to speaking, we are delighted to still offer one-on-one testing in a nice, peaceful environment. Unlike a machine, you can rely on a human to put you at ease, to recognise your local accent, and to coach you to your finest performance.


Expert support to help you reach your goals

Our official IELTS specialists can help you succeed by guiding you through the procedure. Whether it’s offering comments on official practise exams, addressing your questions in free Masterclasses, or providing you with a personalised action plan, we’re here to help you improve your score and reach your objectives.


If you desire to study or live abroad, IELTS can help you get started. You may prepare for IELTS from anywhere at any time with our online IELTS teaching!!


Can I take IELTS from home?

Students around the world will have an option to take their secure IELTS online test when IELTS globally early in 2022.

IELTS Online is a new way to attend IELTS Academic, the world’s leading English test for international higher education. 4 Skills Developers will allow students to attend their tests from the comfort of their homes as they embark on their journey to achieve their careers.

The test will have the same content and format as the existing pen-and-paper and computer-delivered IELTS tests delivered online by IELTS examine

Where can I study IELTS ?

Students can attend their IELTS classes online via any trusted tutor who has experience in teaching IELTS, they should be able to teach each skill ie; Listening, Reading, writing, and speaking in detail, and should not use any shortcut method. Do not trust any free IELTS class advertisements or discount ads. Experienced trainers do charge for the service provided and the quality.

Which is the best center to study IELTS?

At 4skills we have experienced trainers who have been teaching IELTS  for 7+ years. They will advise you on how to improve all four skills listening, reading, writing, and speaking along with grammar, vocabulary. tutors will also focus on the importance of improving vocabulary range and accuracy.


  • Test awareness and real-time practice: learn about the test format and what to expect on your test day.
  • Effective strategies: plenty of tips and tricks will be provided by each trainer also group classes for speaking.
  • Are you IELTS ready: Online activities, numerous mock tests help you feel confident and calm
  • You can choose the IELTS Coaching course for General Training or Academic IELTS test based on your requirements.
Why 4 Skills Developers

4skills developers started as a small team of IELTS enthusiasts in 2019 who noticed that the traditional IELTS teaching methods had to change and giving their students more than IELTS but also to help improve their overall english language skills.


Most students who started with us sopke about mock test, sample question papaers ,practse test but non where aware of eliminating past mistakes made while using the language in all four areas. They had to be counselled on the nature of the test its marking critireas and finally taken them through a step by step process in improving all 4skills.


we could see students benefited from doing few sample questions using specific tips and tricks than hundreds of advices and practice tests with out feedback and explanations.

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IELTS programmes are meant to assist you in achieving the greatest possible score. You may study whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, whether online or by downloading courses for offline study on mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Academic Module / General Module

Should I take the Academic or the General Training test?

The Academic module is for studies at undergraduate / postgraduate level or for professionals, eg. Nursing


The General Training module is normally for those who want to migrate to an English – speaking country .

What topics are covered in IELTS?

A wide range of topics are covered and they are relevant and accessible to those wanting to study at university level. General knowledge is required.



Is the Listening paper different for Academic and General Training?

All candidates take the same test

What information will I get before each section?

At the beginning of each section you will hear a summary of the part you are about to listen .


What accents do the speakers have on the recordings?

English native-speaker accents on the recordings for example, Australian, British, New Zealand and North American .



Where do I note down my answers?

Write your answers on the Writing answer sheet. You will not get two answer sheets for both task 1 and task 2any paper for making notes, but you can write notes on the question paper. The examiner will not see these.


Can I write in pen or pencil?

You can write in pen or pencil, but you must write clearly. You may erase/cross out and change parts of your writing, but you must make sure that your writing is easy to read


Should I write my answers in capitals or lower case?

Punctuation is assessed in the Writing test


Will I lose marks if I don’t write enough words?

Yes. You must write at least 150 words for the Task 1 question and 250 words for the Task 2 question. If you don’t write enough words, you will be penalised.


Are the two tasks both the same number of marks?

No. Task 2 contributes twice as much as Task 1 to the Writing score.



How long is the reading test?

You only have 60 minutes to answer the questions and to transfer your answers onto your answer sheet.

Is the Listening paper different for Academic and General Training?

Yes its different for both modules.


Is it important to know the test structure?

An understanding of the text structure can be very helpful when answering the questions.

Is Grammar important when answering a reading paper?

Yes, make sure your answer is grammatically correct where you have to write your answer in words, e.g. short-answer questions, sentence completion, summary completion.



Is it a good to learn short speeches about my town or job by heart?

If you say something you have memorised, you probably won’t answer the examiner’s question and give a totally different answer


What if I don’t know anything about the topic?

The topics are carefully chosen to reflect common experiences, and day to day life


How long should I talk for in Part 2?

2 minutes. You should try to talk 2 minutes to give the examiner a good sample of your English.


Will the examiner tell me if I have done well or not?

No, the examiner is not allowed to give feedback.


How IELTS can help you succeed

We give extensive preparation resources to help you improve your abilities, and we blend technology with human-based assessment to deliver the finest exam conditions imaginable. IELTS, which is respected and recognised all around the world, prepares you for real-life success.