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Offers Better Career Choice

Having the IELTS as a certification shows your level of English to prospective employers around the world.

First Language Is Improved

With an emphasis on speaking, writing, reading and writing, your English language skills will improve even if English is your first language.

Improves Performance

Multilingual people tend to do better in math, reading comprehension, and vocabulary, Studying for the IELTS helps you with this.

Enhance Brainpower

By learning a foreign language course like the IELTS, it can aid in the development of critical learning skills such as cognitive thinking and problem-solving.

The advantages of well-developed critical thinking talents are considerable on both a personal and professional level.

Increases Networking Skills

When you open yourself up to a culture, you become more flexible and responsive to other people’s ideas and behaviours.

Multilingualism allows you to see the world from several viewpoints, which increases your ability to communicate in today’s globally connected world. Learning for the IELTS helps with your networking.

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We know that everyone needs a different learning plan. We look at what your strengths are and then focus on creating a lesson plan that helps you get the right band that you need from the IELTS.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Academic Module / General Module

Should I take the Academic or the General Training test?

The Academic module is for studies at undergraduate / postgraduate level or for professionals, eg. Nursing


The General Training module is normally for those who want to migrate to an English – speaking country .

What topics are covered in IELTS?

A wide range of topics are covered and they are relevant and accessible to those wanting to study at university level. General knowledge is required.



Is the Listening paper different for Academic and General Training?

All candidates take the same test

What information will I get before each section?

At the beginning of each section you will hear a summary of the part you are about to listen .


What accents do the speakers have on the recordings?

English native-speaker accents on the recordings for example, Australian, British, New Zealand and North American .



Where do I note down my answers?

Write your answers on the Writing answer sheet. You will not get two answer sheets for both task 1 and task 2any paper for making notes, but you can write notes on the question paper. The examiner will not see these.


Can I write in pen or pencil?

You can write in pen or pencil, but you must write clearly. You may erase/cross out and change parts of your writing, but you must make sure that your writing is easy to read


Should I write my answers in capitals or lower case?

Punctuation is assessed in the Writing test


Will I lose marks if I don’t write enough words?

Yes. You must write at least 150 words for the Task 1 question and 250 words for the Task 2 question. If you don’t write enough words, you will be penalised.


Are the two tasks both the same number of marks?

No. Task 2 contributes twice as much as Task 1 to the Writing score.



How long is the reading test?

You only have 60 minutes to answer the questions and to transfer your answers onto your answer sheet.

Is the Listening paper different for Academic and General Training?

Yes its different for both modules.


Is it important to know the test structure?

An understanding of the text structure can be very helpful when answering the questions.

Is Grammar important when answering a reading paper?

Yes, make sure your answer is grammatically correct where you have to write your answer in words, e.g. short-answer questions, sentence completion, summary completion.



Is it a good to learn short speeches about my town or job by heart?

If you say something you have memorised, you probably won’t answer the examiner’s question and give a totally different answer


What if I don’t know anything about the topic?

The topics are carefully chosen to reflect common experiences, and day to day life


How long should I talk for in Part 2?

2 minutes. You should try to talk 2 minutes to give the examiner a good sample of your English.


Will the examiner tell me if I have done well or not?

No, the examiner is not allowed to give feedback.


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